Geraint Griffiths

Chair, ASVP

United Kingdom

Geraint Griffiths, Chairman of Association of Sport and School vision Practitioners (ASvP), has led ground-breaking research into childrens’ vision. He has had a long interest in practice-based research, which started with vision in sport and was indirectly related to his experience as a British International high jumper. His first degree was in mechanical engineering and this give him an alternative view of the biomechanics of intra and extra binocular function. This led to an understanding of the importance of eye dominance and the primary visual skills of aiming and depth perception. It appears now that this simple understanding of how the eyes work has given us a model to understanding how binocular deficiency can affect almost every aspect of life. Untreated it may through the dietary distortions it causes be contributing to many of the acquired diseases that are currently epidemic in this IT era.