For Speakers

  1. For presentation, the number of slides in the Presentation should be kept to a minimum and follow the assigned timeslots.
  2. Need to follow the instruction by the chair and need to stop when signaled to do so.
  3. Personal laptops should not be used unless in any unavoidable conditions.
  4. Videos will not be recorded.
  5. Question Sessions, thanks, and acknowledgment of the speakers will take place during the session or after completion of the session, so attendees are requested to stay until the end of the session.

Presentation Requirements

  1. Basic AV set including a laser pointer, mike, and sound system.
  2. Speakers should prepare the presentation in PPTX format and is recommended to check the presentation with both MAC and Microsoft.
  3. Required to upload the presentation at least 5 days before the conference dates in the USB flash drives.
  4. Slides should be concise, including only the main keywords and content, should be clearly visible, and also avoid lengthy content
  5. In the video, presentation avoid using large-sized videos. Compressed videos will be preferred.
  6. Video the format should be MP4 only; please ensure that audio and video both should be checked properly so that it can clearly presentable.